Player's Choice Camp Descriptions

Advanced Shooters Camp



Advanced Shooters will:

  • Learn to Play with Instinct

The best players play without thinking. 

Meaning , through consistent game like habits, movements become more instinctive rather than reactive


  • Learn to have productive Play  

There is no substitute for playing the game. Playing on Purpose(POP) is much more productive than just playing


  • Learn habits that win games

Chauncey Billups became an NBA Champion, and a much better player towards the end of his NBA career as opposed to the start of his NBA career. Why? Because he understood his strengths and what shots(his shots) to take.



Advanced Shooters will recieve training in the following areas:

Footwork        Form Shooting            On The Catch              On The Hop                Off The Dribble          Down/Ready           30 Shooting                3-2-1 Shooting            Perfect 30


Types of Games to be played:  Wild Card Games


1 on 1              2 on 2              3 on 3              4 on 4              5 on 5                                     




Rock Solid Camp



A Typical Day of Rock Solid Camp


9:00am                         Check In / Roll Call “Thought for the Day”

9:15am                    Warm – up & Stretching

9:30am                     Fundamentals: Footwork/Shooting, Passing, Ball Handling, Defense, Rebounding

10:00am                   Break

10:05am                   Competitions: Hot Shot, Agility Lay-Ups & Free Throws

10:30am                  ‘3-on-'3  '4-on-'4  '5-on-'5 Competition Games

11:15am                   Name “Campers of the Day”

11:30am                   Dismissal



Sharp Shooters Camp


A Typical Day at the Sharp Shooters Camp


9:00am                        Check In / Roll Call“Thought for the Day”

9:15 am                    Form Shooting/Layup Drills

9:30am                     Fundamentals: Passing, Ball Handling, Footwork/Shooting, Defense, Rebounding

10:00am                   Break

10:05am                   Competition Drills: Hot Shot, Agility, Lay-Ups & Free Throws

10:30am                   ‘3-on-'3  '4-on-'4  '5-on-'5 Competition Games

11:15am                   Name “Campers of the Day”

11:30am                   Dismissal

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